Monday, October 20, 2008

Almost perfect trip

This weekend me, my mom (Granny Meg), and the boys went to visit my brother and his family in Chapel Hill. It was a fast trip and so good to see the my niece and nephews...and so good to see my boys seeing their cousins. We were also able to celebrate my brother's recent promotion to full professor at Duke.

It was a rough start. Mom and I could have driven to Disney in the time it took to get to Chapel Hill on Friday night. First, we went to see Granna Ann, then I got on I77 going in the wrong direction and was so busy talking that I did not notice until I had been on the road for 20 minutes. In my own defense, it was raining. I had wanted to leave in time to miss 5:00 traffic in Charlotte. Instead though, we were caught in 5:00 traffic in Columbia. And then did I seriously forget to pack diapers?? How does that happen? So, we had to stop. We wanted to eat at Chick-Fil-A. We saw a sign that there was one off of the exit....the sign failed to say it was 5 miles and 3 turns (2 of them u-turns) off of the exit. After eating dinner (John ate off the floor and fell out of the booth onto his head) we were finally on the road. We got in late, but it was good to be there.

Saturday we had my grandparents over for lunch and the kids played and played. Instead of "PatPat got a letter" (the boys' song for Wyatt taken from Blues Clues) David's kids sang "PatPat got a stinky"
Sunday we all went to my brother's church. Thomas actually read two separate passages. He is barely 5 and is reading like a third grader. And he is just as sweet as he is smart (just like my brother).

After a lunch at Firehouse Subs, complete with fireman's hats for everyone, we were back on the road. The trip was kind of a blur. 6 kids under 6 will keep you very busy.

It was almost perfect. It was missing one thing though...Ashley. Daddy. Uncle Ash. Sweetheart. Ashley stayed behind this trip and although we had fun, it was not the same without him.

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