Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Same ol', Same ol'

Our lives are pretty predictable. We get up to the sound of the twins talking, laughing or crying. I dress the boys and feed Wyatt while Ashley showers and gets dressed. He takes them to Heather's while I shower and get ready. I leave for work. Ashley works all day. I work all day. We talk on the phone a few times. I leave work and go get the boys. We come home. Getting them to come inside is a fight. I make dinner while Ash entertains the kids. We say our blessing and eat. I bathe the boys all at once, Ash cleans the kitchen. We all play on the floor until bedtime. I make Wyatt's bottle and Ashley reads to the boys on the couch. Wyatt falls asleep in my arms and I carry him to his room. The boys kiss their dad goodnight and I take them to bed. We say our prayers, give kisses and hugs and then I leave the room. It is the same thing pretty much every day. Same ol', same ol'. Some might find it boring. Mundane. Lacking spontaneity.

Of course there was a time in life when Ashley and I had no plan. We just waited to see what the day and night would bring and never thought about the next meal or bedtime.
Times have changed. We have changed.

It warms my heart to see Andy and John laying across their dad while he reads the same book 15 times with just as much enthusiasm the 14th time as he had the 1st. I love to watch my PatPat falling asleep, heavy eyes, mouth barely moving around his bottle. Breathing slowly, smelling so sweet.
I wish these days would never end.

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