Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lots of first

Just when I was totally convinced that PatPat would be my most developmentally delayed child (due to girth) he has proven me wrong and been doing all kinds of exciting firsts! He is sitting up without assistance for long periods of time and even started holding his own bottle today!! Tonight we pulled the jumperoo out of the attic (in case you are not familiar, it is basically an exersaucer with springs) and P bear jumped his little legs off. If he keeps up this level of exercise for long, I fear that his rolls will disappear completely.

After baths the boys all played together on the floor. Below you can see the PatPat sandwich! The big boys love to hug and kiss PatPat. He is so lucky to have two wonderful big brothers. What more could a little boy want................except maybe a baby sister in a few years. (don't say no Ash. just think about it)

Man I love these three so much I can barely stand it!!

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Melinda said...

Just wanted to say Hi! Susan. I was sitting here thinking about you so I thought I'd check out what y'all been doing. Don't you just LOVE these family fun times when the baby gets to play with the older kids? :)