Thursday, October 23, 2008

John's conversations

My conversations with John are usually about one of four subjects: trucks, chicken biscuits, trash cans, and daddy. He loves all these things (not in this order).

Tonight Ashley had SALT, a weekly Bible study that he has been a part of for a few months.
While I gave Wyatt his bottle tonight, Andrew laid on the couch begging for me to rub his head and John walked around pretending to talk on my cell phone.

(Phone to ear)
John: "Hey, Hey Daddy. Wha' you doooin'?"
John: "You at church Daddy?"
John: "You take you Bible?"
John: "okay, bye Daddy"

2 minutes later....

"Hey Daddy. Wha' you doooin;"
"You take you Bible?"

3 minutes later....

"Hey Daddy. Wha' you dooooin'?"

You get the picture!!

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