Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Alone together

Another fun weekend has come and gone. It was busy and fun like most of our weekends, but there was one big difference. Ashley and I were alone. Alone together. Quiet. No bottles to be made, no Noggin on TV, no fights to break up, no tears at bedtime.
Friday night Ashley and I went out to eat Mexican food and came home and rented a movie, that despite being an action flick, put me to sleep (sorry Ash, some things will never change). Saturday we slept late and for maybe the first time since we have had children, we did nothing. We did not go out to eat breakfast, or lunch, or go shopping, or buy groceries....we did nothing other than talk and watch football. Saturday night we went to the wedding of a friend of ours in Sumter. It was a gorgeous wedding and was a perfect end to our weekend together. There is nothing like going to a wedding to make you think about all the things that you love about your husband. It doesn't seems like long ago that it was us exchanging vows, grinning from ear to ear, holding hands, sweating.
Sunday we met Ashley's parents at church to reclaim our baby bears. Is it possible that the twins grew over the course of one weekend? Could Wyatt have gotten sweeter? I missed them a lot but I also realized that I had missed Ashley since we last spent time alone together. I hope we can do that again soon, Ash. You make me smile.

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