Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Already

We had another busy weekend and I can not believe that it is Monday already. I was really sad this morning on my way to work because I felt like our weekend went by too quickly and I wanted more time with the boys...all four of them (including Ash). :)

Friday night was pretty low key. Ashley and I both thought that not laying down on the couch during a movie would help me stay awake; umm, sorry Ash, no dice.

Saturday we split up; Andy and Ashley went to Chapin to check on our boat after a terrible wind storm came through and beached our boat in Ashley's parents yard. It was still there. Not taking on water.

(Do we actually have a boat? Oh yea, I remember when we used to go to the lake a lot).

Saturday I took John for a haircut and a visit with Granna Ann. PatPat came along with us...although you could easily forget that he was there. John saw his friend Eliza at Granna Ann's. He was a man of few words, but he loved the cheetos she had to share!

Later Saturday we went to our neighborhood Halloween party and then to a baby shower for some friends of ours.

Sunday took the cake. FBC had a Fall Festival complete with candy, food (ish), music and games. The boys had a ball. The loved the helicopters. I think we will continue to come year after year. Nana, Papa, and Chad came along with us which made the boys even happier. Hopefully they will continue to come with us; I can only imagine what it will be like keeping up with everyone once Wyatt gets mobile.

That was it. Weekend over. Monday already.


Chad said...

I was included in this piece!!! YAY!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! Susan, why do you fall asleep on Ash all of the time??? It sounds comforting!

Chad (for the third time)

Chad said...

Also, one last thing... Awesome pictures!!!

Chad said...

Hey, Susan and Ash. Vicki is here and she brought me food bc I cannot stand up for a long period of time due to this stupid cast. (HINT! HINT!) Anyway, she really likes the blog and the pictures. Potty training sounded like fun!!! Look forward to seeing you soon! "Bicki" says hello.