Monday, November 24, 2008

Another not so "well visit"

PatPat is now 9 months. I am not sure where the time went but last week he had his nine month well visit. The problem was that he was not well. Poor little bear was coughing incessantly. Had we not had the appt already scheduled, we would have had to go to the doctor that day anyway. No shots for P!! That sounds great except that he did not get any 6 months shots either because of his hospitalizations so we are falling behind. I do plan to have my child vaccinated but playing catch up makes me a little nervous too.

The doctor had lots of questions for us.
Is he pulling up? Nope.
Is he going from a lying down position to sitting up on his own? Nope.
Is he crawling? Nope.
Little P just sat there with a smile that said, "why rush things, Dr. Trey? I will only be young once".
Truth be told I am not encouraging P's mobility. Two in two directions and one on my hip works well for me. Three in three different directions is frightening.
He does clap. He does say "dada" and "mama" (who cares if he does not know what he is saying). He does have one little bottom tooth.

P is no longer off the charts in terms of size. He is in the 60% for height and weight and 75% for head circumference. That big brain of his needs space!!
He is still as sweet as a peach and adorable too. Some things never change.

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