Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and playing catch up...

Our little Curious George with Nana!
PatPat looking over Pop's shoulder...

Our Halloween crew...minus Ash (taking the picture).

We celebrated Halloween in Chapin this year. Crooked Creek park had a Halloween carnival that was fabulous...and most importantly, indoors (mostly). Our night started on the Trick or Treat trail. The boys were more interested in the sticks and the candles along the trail than they were the candy. We held up traffic a lot.
Once we were finished with the trail, we went inside for games. The boys fell in love with a big inflatable slide and that was the highlight of the night. You would think that having two adults for every child would make the night easy, but we were still busy. The boys got special treats from Granny Meg and Nana and Granny. It was a great night.
Now for the playing catch up part...I have a lot to write tonight, so bare with me as I ramble.

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