Sunday, November 2, 2008

Potty time

So we bit the bullet this weekend and started potty training the boys. We started Saturday morning bright and early. Three hours into it, Andrew had gone through like ten pull-ups. He was not catching on at all. Introduce C-A-N-D-Y!! It's amazing what 2.5 yr olds will do for a few candy corns. We made it through the day with Andrew about pottying in the right place about 50% of the time and John about 75% of the time. John even told me he had to potty once and he actually did. Andrew faked urgency in an attempt to get more candy but we stuck to our guns; no tinkle, no candy.
So I was thinking, hey, my boys are doing pretty well. This is not going to be so bad. Then in Sunday School this morning Brian Comer told me that they are still trying to get AM to poopie on the potty and it has been 5 months. So now I am wondering if their teeth are going to rot out in the process of potty training. I guess baby teeth are not that important, right?!?!?

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The Comers said...

it's torture. the child WILL NOT put the poop in the potty. she knows exactly where it's supposed to go and every morning tells us "i going to do it today". Right. A few hours later and I'm muttering to myself while I scrub poop out of her stinkied undies. Today she wore new Snow White panties. I'm hoping that my admonition to keep Snow White dry and clean b/c she doesn't like to be dirty will be heard by AM today, but I'm not holding my breath.