Sunday, November 9, 2008

Night with Granny Meg and Pop

Saturday night the boys spent the night with Granny Meg and Pop.

Tonight we were reading books before bed.
Me: "Tell me everything you did at Granny Meg and Pop's last night. I want to hear it all."
A: "We played outside, we walking wiff honey. We holdin' on to Pop and say 'stay on the grass'".
Me" "Oh, really. What about going to the mall? Did you go to the mall"
A: "Yeah and rode a horsey" (referring to the merry-go-round)
J: "No, I rode a froggy"
A: "Mana Meg went in time out."
Me: "Really??"
A: "No, Pop do."
J: "No, Andy go to timeout?"
Me: "Did anyone have to go to timeout...seriously boys"
A: "No, Pop do."

Maybe I will never know!
I love these little conversations before bedtime when the boys are hanging on me and speaking in whispers. So sweet.

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