Monday, November 24, 2008

Kanta Klaus is coming

Put a Lou Holtz-esque speech impediment on that title and you have our little Andrew talking about Santa! I never realized how much mileage we would get out of the statement:

"You better be good because Santa is watching you."

At 2.5 years old they know that bad behavior= no presents.
Tonight at bedtime Andrew told John, "John, you listening or Kanta Klaus not come see you John. No toys. Do you understand me? He is peeping in that window at you, John."

John, who is a little more skittish when it comes to strangers said, "NO! HE NOT. HE NOT."
It was really so much fun to watch them talk.

Last year I bought this book at the Holiday Market called Elf on the Shelf. Last year they were too young to appreciate it but this year they are golden. I can not wait!

Now if we only figure out when we are going to go Christmas shopping....

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The Comers said...

the ELF rules our life. ours is named Emani. He will make his first appearance today. And he's bringing a letter to the girls, a special book, and maybe some other treats. We love Emani. He's the good behavior gestapo for the month of December. :) Long Live The ELF.