Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our precious boys

I am going in birth order and just citing some things that were said/done this weekend that made me smile. It would be so horrible to forget this stuff.


It made my heart smile so big to watch Andrew with Granny this Halloween. She has been having some health problems lately. Nothing too serious, but nevertheless it has been a reminder to me that she is getting older. If Granny has ever loved anything in her life, it has been our boys. She adores them. As anyone could tell on Halloween, the feelings are mutual. John was thoroughly thrilled to see everyone, but Andrew was beside himself with excitement over seeing Granny. He literally climbed up her to get into her arms. He hung from her neck, held her hand, land aughed with her. She went with us on a hay ride at the end of the night. It had gotten very cold and Andrew and Granny sat together keeping each other warm. Andrew across her lap, facing her, cheek to cheek, holding her around the neck. In the dim light from the tractor they both looked so peaceful. I wished I had a camera with me. It made me think...I know Granny won't always be here and I hope that Andrew will remember how much joy they brought each other.


I was tucking the boys in tonight. We were picking out PJ's and taking off the pull-ups (they call them "undies") and putting on night diapers. I was changing Andy on the bed and JD was on the floor pulling off his shoes, socks and "undies" all by himself. I put him on the bed to put on his diaper.

John: "Andrew not take off his undies?"
Me: "Nope, I took his off for him."
John: "I take mines off."
Me: "I know JD. You are such a big boy for taking off your undies all by yourself."
John: "Daddy gonna be proud of me?"
Me: "Yes, little bear. Your dad is so proud of you."

Then the biggest smile broke across his face. So happy to make his daddy proud.

JD also did something really funny yesterday: picked his nose and offered it to his dad!!
Ash: "No thanks buddy"
John: "You not want my booger?"
Ash: "No, I do not want your booger. Thanks anyway for sharing."

Wyatt and I nap together every Sunday. Today was no different. Ashley always puts the twins down for their nap while I take PatPat. I hum the same song every time and pat him on the bottom. He gets all warm in the crook of my arm and within minutes, his dark eyes start getting too heavy to hold open anymore. He dozes off in my arms and his breathing steadies. I am usually not far behind him. I hope that he will still nap with me when he is 5. I love that time together.

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